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Welcome to Whispering Songs Farm

This mini-documentary that Ryan Miller created of Whispering Songs Farm. Ryan did an amazing job showcasing the farm and animals. This documentary follows my farm and 27 alpacas in Woodland, Washington. Meet some of the alpacas, learn about their personalities, fiber and the products I make for my sustainable business.

This is a hobby farm where I raise Huacaya Alpacas. The rare and exotic alpaca is a creature of antiquity that is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. Highly prized for their luxurious coats, the alpaca has been considered a treasure of the Andes Mountains for over 6,000 years.

Alpacas are New World camelids and look like small llamas or long-necked camels with no humps, especially when recently sheared. They have shaggy necks and camel-like faces with thick lips, pronounced noses, and long ears. Their large, expressive eyes seem to exhibit both wisdom and childlike curiosity. Easily domesticated, alpacas are friendly, gentle, and curious.

Alpacas were exported from Peru in the mid-1980s and have become a premier livestock in North America and abroad.

The Huacaya alpaca dense, crimped, wooly, water-resistant fleece. Unlike the llama, the fiber of the alpaca can be used for clothing. Alpaca fiber is softer than cashmere or angora, and warmer and lighter weight than wool, without the prickle-factor that some wool has. Since alpaca fleece has no lanolin, it is easier to process and is hypoallerginic.

The fiber from these gentle creatures is harvested once a year and then spun into yarn. Some of the fiber is processed and hand spun right here on the farm. These products are made available to you from this website